I haven’t written anything about this fall semester.  I feel like I’ve floated along and haven’t really had much to comment on it.  I wonder if the excitement of school is wearing off, or if quite simply, it was just a boring semester.  In my Persuasion class, I’ve sat and listened to all the ways in which the world persuades us either to do something or not and how it shapes our perception of things.  I’ve also learned how I can persuade others or, at least I have a book with hints in it.  Time will tell if I’ve got the talent to persuade.

My other class was political science.  During this election year it proved to be quite beneficial in helping me understand so much about how politics and government work. That was about it.  I do have to confess that many days I yawn incessantly in this class.  Yesterday I swear I was going to fall asleep.  I don’t know if the contributing factor is that it’s an afternoon class and my lunch is kicking in, or whether all the politics is boring me so badly.  After all, my professor wasn’t really keen on talking about General Patreaus , Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley or her twin sister.  That would have kept me alert and awake.  He just didn’t think it related to our topics in class.  I think it has a lot of relativity to the topic.  I mean, Washington is full of so many scandals that create divisiveness and the downfall of our leaders.  If nothing else, the drama keeps us tuning in to the story.  Which may tie back into persuasion; we are persuaded by the continual focus.

Speaking of focus, back to my original thought—it’s been a quiet, uneventful, non-dramatic unpersuasive semester.  Yaaaaaawwwwwn! Goodness, I can barely keep my eyes open.