Biology has been a surprising delight.  Imagine if you will, submerging yourself for an hour and fifteen minutes, twice a week, in details about how each part of your body works.  From human’s original cell formation (that’s a zygote) to learning that our teeth dictate that we were not made to be vegetarians, but rather, we are created to eat all forms of food.  Our teeth tell us that.  Who would have thought?

A perfect example of this is a cat–CatThey don’t have the same teeth structure that we do.  They are missing the molars in the back because they can catch food, hang on to it with their large fangs, tear that baby up with their incisors and swallow it—no grinding necessary—ha.

Digestion and Nutrition are where we are currently in our studies.  I have learned so much, and in some cases, more than I need to know, about how food moves through our body and what it does to our body.  I can tell you that this is definitely a much needed course for someone who needs healthier habits.  If my doctor would have explained the detail that this biology course has taught me I may have been more apt to follow her advice and I’ll never look at a potato the same way again.  Perhaps this will inspire me to develop healthier habits because I now know the chemistry behind it, what my body needs or doesn’t need, how we damage our body by what we choose to ingest and how some damage is just irreversible.

I’ve also learned more about Stem Cell research.  How many times have we chosen a side of the ethical argument where embryotic stem cells are used in research?  I’ve learned about iPS (induced pluripotent stem cells)—capable of producing many cells(Pluripotent—try using that in a sentence today-)  We have discovered the ability to create pluripotent cells from adult stem cells so that we may not have to have the embryonic stem cells.  Yet, iPS opens up a whole new set of ethical questions as to how far we will go with the science that is capable of creating human life.  I’m telling you, this subject was so fascinating that I used it as a science paper assignment for my English class.  Through the research process in my English class, I discovered that this science is so new we haven’t even put into place policies for health professionals to follow.  We don’t really have legislative laws that address it either.  As voters we need to educate ourselves on this subject so we can be more informed and help shape legislation on how we can guide the use of this science for ourselves and generations to come.

Let me get off my soap box now – I just want to add that my professor, Dr. Michael Dixon is awesome.  He is passionate about Biology and you can tell by the way he lectures in class.  As I’ve mentioned before, students can learn so much from a passionate professor.  I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who has to take BIO 1410.  He’s not an easy professor, so if you are looking for easy, keep on going.  He also loves to remind us that we pay his salary and we’re going to get our money’s worth. He has standards people, NOW THAT is refreshing and pluripotent—capable of producing knowledge cells—